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UWC Dilijan

Dilijan, Armenia

219 Students
Aged 16 - 18 years



3 March 2017

The idea of creating the College was conceived by social entrepreneurs Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend back in 2006. Their initiative was then joined by nearly 300 donors from across the world. In October 2014, UWC Dilijan officially opened its doors to 94 pioneer students, becoming the 14th UWC college.

Since then, UWC Dilijan has been pursuing the goal to bring world-leading education practices and values of the UWC Movement and youngsters from all over the world to Armenia.

After spending two years at UWC Dilijan, students find that they have a new family of 250+ people and a new home - Armenia. They stay here after graduation to build a local enterprise or to start socially oriented projects, as well as come back for internships and gap years.

Through nurturing talented, creative, highly educated, socially minded and empowered young people we ensure a bright future for the world.

Three Unique Features

  • Educational Hub - One of the foremost objectives of the College is to continue contributing to the development of the region as an educational cluster, which, in turn, fosters education throughout Armenia.
  • Conflict Resolution - Due to its geopolitical location, studying at UWC Dilijan is a unique opportunity for those interested in gaining experience in conflict resolution and peace initiatives.
  • Glocal Approach - We believe in "glocal", that is, our aim is to be globally relevant but anchored into the local reality. We create an environment of understanding other cultures and celebrating diversity.
In the Classroom 

UWC Dilijan offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) curriculum. Alongside standard courses, the College offers Russian, German, Spanish, Global Politics, Philosophy, Theater.

UWC Dilijan is happy to say that 4 UWC movement alumni (UWC Adriatic, UWC Atlantic College) are currently involved in academic and pastoral life at the College. With the ratio of 1 teacher for 5 students, the College provides a tailor-made approach to every student, ensuring their best experience of IB Diploma Programme.

The majority of teachers have had an international experience and a background in teaching IB Diploma prior to coming to UWC Dilijan.

Outside the Classroom 

The co-curricular program at UWC Dilijan consists of 4 elements – the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) program, Project Weeks, Focus Weeks and Cultural Weekends.

UWC Dilijan students cooperate with various NGOs in their projects – kindergartens in Dilijan and in neighbouring villages, organisations working with kids from challenged backgrounds, local community. Students organise various service activities engaging kids from the local community, such as Science with Kids, that helps kids from Dilijan realise their scientific interests and explore the world of experiments, Ceramics with the Community, Dilinglish, where students teach kids from Dilijan English and many more. One of the recurring Project Weeks is Fuller Centre for Housing: during this PW students help homeless people get new homes by assisting in building and renovating houses.

UWC Dilijan’s Outdoor Education Program includes hiking trips, skiing and caving expeditions and often involves participants from Dilijan and the neighbouring villages to foster exchange, access to nature and environment related programs.

Campus and Facilities  

Boarding houses at UWC Dilijan offer superb facilities for studying and living. Students have access to the gym, an indoor pool, a sports field including football and volleyball pitches, tennis, squash and basketball courts. Campus facilities include library and resource centre with Integrated IT facilities; dining hall; medical centre; black box performance centre; ceramics workshop. Renewable technologies were employed for the construction of the campus including harvesting of natural springs, using rainwater for irrigation and recycling of greywater.

Geographic Setting  

UWC Dilijan is located in the valley of the 16th century town of Dilijan, on the outskirts of a large national park in central Armenia, 100 km away from the capital Yerevan.

Dilijan lies on the road connecting two modern large cities, Yerevan and Tbilisi, in a country that is situated on the border of Europe and Asia, at the heart of the diverse, culturally rich and complex region with a long history at the junction of the Persian, Byzantine, Ottoman and Russian Empires.


Students apply through their UWC national committee or through the UWC Global Selection Programme. For more information about UWC Dilijan, visit the website.



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