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Life at UWC

A day at a UWC school is very different from normal days. Students live in dorms with roommates from across the globe. while living together they share stories inspire and empower each other. Here are some quotes from our students: 


"In my 2-years at UWC I have made unforgettable friendships, connections, and long-lasting relationships with students, faculty and UWC community, the experience have provided me with many opportunities that I am forever grateful for. It was both a challenging but rewarding experience."

- Hasan Ali, UWC ISAK, Japan 2019 - 2021 

"During the two years I participated in organizing many cultural and sporting activities. I lived with more than 100 students from all over the world, we exchanged cultures, languages and meals. One of the situations I remember most in my experience is travelling to Belgium on a bike for about half an hour to swim in the river - this is against Dutch law and allowed in Belgian law, or so we thought"

- Mutaz Al-Naas, UWC Masstricht, Netherlands 2011 - 2013